X-Men fans have their favorite mutants and powers. The popular team was founded by the master of mutants, Professor Charles Xavier.

He believed there was a better way for those who lost their way. Xavier provided a home and family for wayward mutants bringing them to feel accepted and loved. Many of the X-Men team are misunderstood individuals who have been discarded by their parents for their mutant abilities. As the program depicts, keeping the X-Men on the path of good versus evil was a primary goal for the Professor. In the X-Men universe, there were other mutants at play who did not feel the same way. In fact, they felt they held a superior status to mere humans and held plans to overthrow the planets structure to make room for a new way… the mutant way. One of the leaders of this brigade is none other than Magneto, Xavier’s old friend and partner. This dynamic of rivalry, triumph and clear line of right and wrong makes for a compelling plot that has become a paragon of comic history.

X-Men Favorites

Whether you root for the good guys or are a follower of the dark plans for Mutant vindication, you undoubtedly have a biased opinion of a few characters. The most popular options for fans will usually include:

Storm– With a long and twisty history, Storm can maneuver the elements with a powerful ability. If you consider the extreme patterns of weather, she is a staple in the X-Men line up. The elementress is known for having a leadership role next to the Professor as she has a level head and the respect of her team.

Jean Grey– With an intense psychic ability, Jean can control aspects around her. She has an inner strength known as the Phoenix which also takes on a persona of its own. A continual fight within, Grey displays a substantial amount of potential and power that ultimately saves the day.

Wolverine– Original versions of Wolverine have gloves with claws, however he evolved into holding retractable claws inside of his hands. With the help of Xavier and the forever hope Jean will leave Cyclops for him, he learned to direct his inner anger appropriately. As he learned about who he is on the inside, it began to complement his rugged portrayal.

Cyclops– The sweet and ever stable Scott is a pillar of goodness. Shooting laser beams from his eyes is pretty powerful yet Cyclops remains a humble member of the X-Men team. Like Storm, he takes the lead of the group as he is kind, smart and a true believer of peace between humans and mutants. He has the heart of Jean Grey creating a competitive edge where Wolverine is concerned, although they continue to work together for the greater good.

While there are many more X-Men mutants to know, the mainstream characters remain to be a focus in the comics, the movies and television shows. X-Men is a long running sector of Marvel that continues to grow as the time passes.