A Marvel and DC Debate in the Comic Universe

There are two types of people who reside in the hub of Comic land. The line is drawn between Marvel and DC fans. The two Publishers have engaged in an almost eighty year poker game. Before one side can take the win the other swoops in with an ace up their sleeve. Unless you are an avid fan, it can be difficult to point out the differences between the two. The Comic books have stayed aligned in the same artistic direction years before they became the famed Marvel and DC. Timely Comics and National Alliance Publications were the first names up to bat before they evolved into the dueling duo we know today.

Marvel Versus DC Books to Film

In a game of which came first, you would have to look at timelines of characters to see who originally wore the cape. Writers, designers and illustrators over the years found the grass was greener on the other side. Jumping the fence from Marvel to DC and vise versa, led to an intersection crossing of ideas and style. This generated similar storylines and characters making it even more difficult for non- fans to discern. The mainstays of each have remained popular Comic icons for several decades. With the Comic path merging into the movie realm, the stakes were higher than ever before.

Comic Book sales are still thriving; however have decreased exponentially as fans follow the digital trends. Hobbyists, collectors and bonified comic book readers are loyal to the colorful pages. For the movie goer, Marvel and DC coming to the screen was probably the best day in their life. A new wave of Comic fans grew up watching Marvels legendary X-Men and high flying Spiderman and DC’s crime fighting superheroes such as Batman and Superman. Movies and Television series have raised the bar pushing both Marvel and DC to expand the special effects boundaries.

Marvel and DC Results

There are charts and graphs of revenues which will indicate the popularity of the pair, yet it would not answer the question of who is better. Both Universes have dynamic crime fighting heroes that have welcomed us into their world. With so many heroes and so little time, here are a few favorites from Marvel and DC.

DC Favorites include:

  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Lantern
  • Aquaman
  • Captain Marvel (coincidentally?)

Marvel Favorites include:

  • X-Men
  • Deadpool
  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Spiderman
  • The Punisher
  • Hulk

Seven fan favorites wave the flag for either Marvel or DC. There was almost a tie breaker among DC’s Justice League and Marvel’s the Avengers, yet it only made it harder to choose. Each super power side has had wins and losses at the box office making it a hair width difference. With no clear winner, it is time to deal another hand. The debate will continue, and it seems neither Marvel or DC is bluffing or folding. The good news is we have many more years of adventuring in our favorite Comic Universes.