Greatest Female Comic Book Characters

Comic books are some of the most interesting entertainment methods of all times. The earliest record of a comic book, or something similar to it, comes from the17th century and is said to be from Japan. After the hype started there, the concept slowly evolved and managed to spread all over the world. The breakthrough of comic books came in UK and in the United States at the beginning of the last century. From that point on, there was no going back. Comic books managed to conquer our hearts and many of their characters became models for us both in childhood and during our adult life. Some of the most fascinating characters are the female heroes. They were a true breakthrough around the world because they were the first to promote the idea of a strong independent woman. There are countless females that managed to get into our hearts. We have listed some of the greatest female comic book characters in order to better understand this culture.


Rogue is one of the most famous characters when it comes to comic books. She is first seen in X-Men and managed to become one of the most relevant personalities of the story. She is beautiful, strong and with interesting plot points. She has the power (or sometimes the curse) to steal memories and talents from the people she touches. Her history is quite shady and there are new details about her coming out with almost every new comic book. She is also one of the most popular characters in the X-Men movies and TV shows.

Wonder Woman

She can easily be called the “classic” female comic book character. First appearing at about the same time as Superman, she was definitely one of the earliest super hero models for the young generation of women. She has an amazing story that opens the doors for other interesting characters and her power is mixed perfectly with her desire for justice. She was featured in countless comic books and recently there was a whole movie devoted just to her. She is definitely one of the most fascinating comic book characters of all times.


Storm is another X-Men character who has the amazing power to control the weather. Her history in comics is long and she first appeared during the initial X-Men hype. She is extremely wise and now she is one of the main teachers at the Charles Xavier school that educate the people with special talents (or, how they were called in the first comics, the mutants). She is extremely powerful and unlike many other female characters, she never used her power to hurt people.

Jean Grey

Another important character from X-Men, like her mentor Charles Xavier she also has psychic powers, and this is why she is also very vulnerable. She was first taught by the professor Xavier but later she distanced herself due to the fact that her mind was too strong and she got corrupted by the evil forces. She is very kind and strives to use her power only for good purposes.