A comic book is a piece of modern art for the individual who loves a bit of fantasy, mental thrills and stimulation. A comic book is more than pictures on a page, it is a full-house production that takes many skilled people to come together and collaborate to make the unified and perfect comic book. It isn’t just generated on a computer by some random program. Computers can do many things, but they can’t be creative. Imagination is only attached to human beings and not a piece of technology. The very first step to creating a comic book is to decide the materials that will be used. This will vary from comic to comic, with outward presentation being an important turning point: the density, the grit and the size of the pages are all important decisions. Then the cover of the comic book will be looked into, it will be chosen based on it being glossy or matte, thin or thick or based on the weight too. Then comes the issue of what kind of ink to use for the actual drawings. Each brand will have different shades of color, and so this aspect of comic book production is always carefully chosen because the shade of comic book illustrations can make a huge difference to the aura of the whole work.

How A Comic Book Is Made

Each new page of a comic book is a new piece of art. For each scene, sketches and revisions must be made until the final scene is drawn up in a more perfect manner than a previous version. A sketch is usually a bit messy and undefined. It is a meant for the comic illustrator to quickly release their ideas for the scene on paper, as sometimes trying to retain these ideas in the mind only can lead to some elements being forgotten. The writing of the comic is also a crucial part. The written inserts bring the story to life. And it is written content that ultimately separates comic books from newspapers and magazines. Newspapers are somewhat monotonous with their barrage of words, and magazines are no better either. Not only does the actual content manner but the font used makes a great difference. The font of a text, unbeknownst to many, can actually inflict a certain atmosphere for the story of the comic. If a gothic font is used, of course it will make the story feel more dark and eerie. A bubbly and larger than life font will make the comic seem youthful, energetic and colorful. Once all the scenes of the comic book have been sketched, finalized and coloured prototype, called an ‘ashcan’,  is printed and sent over to the publisher. Once the publisher approved of the comic, the concept and its characters would be placed under a copyright and then the printing process kicks off. Once the printing of comic has started, its only a matter of time before it hits the shelves.