Starting a comic book store

Ever go into a comic book store and think that you could run it better? Or that you can sell the best comics or even create a unique and awesome atmosphere for comic lovers in your community? Starting your own comic book store may seem like a great feat for many, but having the passion to start is the greatest foundation one can have to become successful. When you have the drive to accomplish something, you can almost move mountains, all to help yourself and your business. You can even reach corporate heights you never imagined. Don’t be scared by huge words, such as “corporation”, “assets” or “taxes”. Look at those terms as just words that have a particular and specialized meaning, just as the word bank, money or car – it maybe sound intimidating, but words do not bite.

Comic book store

Don’t be put off thinking that you need mounds of money to start a comic book store. If you have 20$, you can easily start a comic book store. It won’t be the conventional store, but it will still be a portal for you to sell your comic books and quench the thirst of marketing. With few dollars in your pocket, you can go and buy several good comic books, whether through websites such as eBay or in store – the choice is up to you. From there, make sure you leave at least 5$ leftover. Part of that will pay for the packaging and postage when you make your first sale. Take great pictures of your comic books, show odd the condition it is in, a few snippets of the best parts of the comic might also be a good idea. And let’s not forget to display the cover. Upload the comics and the correlating pictures online, eBay is suitable for this purpose. It is a great place to sell any item, but comic books do very well there as you can start off for free, all payouts are made in secure fashion through PayPal and the fees are not too big. To make sure you get sales quickly, ensure that the product description is concise. The eBay algorithm likes descriptions that are longer, and so give as much detail about the product being sold as you can.

If uploading items onto eBay isn’t your idea of owning a comic book store, then having the traditional store front may be better for you. In all truth, you can lose the essence of a comic book store by selling them online; but having a physical comic book store requires a huge sum of money to get you on your feet. You will need money to rent the premises, deck it up with shelves and comic books, as well as add some rad decor to make it all the more special. Don’t forget you will have ongoing running costs which will mainly be electricity, council taxes and government taxes. You can get that authentic comic book store feel, but it has a huge price tag attached to it. The choice is now yours – start your comic book store offline or online; either way, your dreams will still be achieved.