The Growth in Popularity of Comic Books and Movies

Comic books have been around for many years and for a while it seemed as though their popularity was waning, especially with the advent of the digital age and the increasing reliance on technology. However, it is probably thanks to technology that there has been an increased awareness and interest in them.

Technological Advances

Technological advances in the movie industry have enabled movie makers to create spectacular and realistic special effects that were near impossible to imagine in the past. This meant that movie goers had an immersive experience when characters were brought to the big screen; from the incredible action sequences to realistic looking stunts.

Movies such as the Antman, Deadpool and Ironman franchises have done extremely well at the box office. In Ironman the special effects, fancy gadgets and the old-fashioned good vs. evil battle make this a movie that people of all ages can really enjoy. The classic underdog story of Spiderman is one everyone can relate to and so this series is a firm fan favorite.

Commercial Success

These superhero movies have inspired young people to buy more comic books and to attend massive conventions such as Comic Con, which is held every year in America.  The commercial success of these superhero movies is truly astounding. The Avengers alone took in over $620 million with worldwide totals being in the billions of dollars. The immense admiration of these types of movies only seems to be on the rise. The internet also makes it easy for movie producers to market these movies and attract huge numbers of people.

Graphic novel sales, according to industry experts, rise in popularity in line with the release of these types of movies. Prior to becoming successful movies, sales of the novels had actually been decreasing steadily for at least 10 years. It was the start of the movies that really revived interest in comic books and the characters.

Another reason for the growth in sales of comic books is related to the fact that it is easy to find and buy them over the internet. In fact, digital sales number into the billions, with websites such as selling more and more each year. Even traditional shops have shown a rise in graphic novel sales. Unsurprisingly, comics are even being written and produced for young children. Some of these have a more educational aspect to them and are designed for children of specific age groups.

Some of the resurgence in interest may also be due to the ever-popular Comic Con that is held each year in America. This idea has even spread to other countries around the world with Africa, Australia, Russia and most of Europe getting in on the action. Over the years this convention has exploded in acclaim, and many have been introduced to this world and their many characters through this channel. It also serves as a platform to market science fiction characters and is something many people look forward to attending each year.