The Worlds Famous Superhero’s

Fictional characters are a way in which we can escape into another universe. They act as alter egos, the people we want to be on a daily basis, but just aren’t, they’re the people who we hope to encounter at some point in our lives, whether in times of peril or times of joy. Super heroes are the materialization of dreams and fantasies from the farthest place in the mind – no wonder why people love comics so much. As with everything, there are good, bad and even neutral versions. In the world of comics, there are the superheroes that everyone just loves regardless of anything. These superheroes are looked upon as the cornerstones, the text book definitions of a superhero. Batman is one of the most well-known, most controversial ‘good guys’ and is considered one of the best heroes – everyone has heard of him. Batman is a watchful protector, a silent guardian and a dark knight who drives a very swanky automobile. Peter Parker, also known as the one and only Spiderman, is another famous superhero. Now, when we say everybody knows Spider-Man, we mean that his mane is easily recognizable. He was an ordinary boy until a spider bit him and he turned a superhero! Before people begin to panic about the sniper bites, in Peter’s case the arachnid was purposefully modified. Superman is a bit of a stereotype as well as a superhero. Over used and abused, he is still world famous. On the other hand, Wonder Womans can be seen as a kind of counterpart to the Superman, as she embodies the power in women.  The Hulk, with his green masculine bulk and aggressive personality, is a beloved hero, especially among the children. His ability to transform the weak frame of an academic man into the raging beast of green inspires many all around the world.

The Hulk

Iron Man is another comic book character that ladies seem to like. With tons of money, a charismatic personality and a stubbly beard, what more could a 21st century comics and other literature loving lady ask for? It helps that Robert Downey Jr, the actor who always plays Ironman in the film series, embodies the Ironman. This character is also cool because he doesn’t have particular powers, simply possesses lots of dispensable money and uses it to make himself into a superhero (much like Batman did). Of course, a right moral compass and good intentions come into play too.

Iron Man

Wolverine is a childhood hero held dear in the hearts of many. His 30cm metal claws, which extend and retract from his hands, are more than a fascinating, they are the signature of this superhero. Wolverine was used in a military experiment, during which a fictional metal called Adamantium was poured into his entire skeletal system, making him  nearly invincible. Although he may seem hard-headed and having a tough personality, his soft heart makes him the ultimate lifesaving, kitty rescuing superhero. He is considered to be the greatest superhero of all time.