The World’s Most Expensive Comic

Comic books are amazing. They are portable, foldable virtual realities that can be carried absolutely anywhere. They are bright, vibrant and enthralling. Best of all, comics have so many different genres that it can actually stand on its own. The great and vast variation of comics means that there are many little communities for each of differing comic book genre. This is not found for many other art forms or even magazines; it is a niche occurrence, pertaining to the world of comics. Comic books have a lot of value in them. The time and effort that is put into creating a comic is unimaginable. Crafting of the dramatic and blood pumping story takes chunks of time and creative energy, which doesn’t always flow freely. Imagination is a not scientific or biologically defined aspect of humans, but it sure does exist. Creative energy is the flow of your talented thoughts, it is the moment when your creativity is awakened and ready to be expressed; it’s that magical second when you feel as if gold is flowing from your mind onto the paper. Once that stage has been overcome, skills come into play. Ever seen how realistic the images in a comic book are? That is not just some fancy work someone learned in primary school. That type of illustration is art and it take months, if not years, of practice to get to that stage. Not only must you be able to draw the main characters’ face the same each time, but you must also correctly convey what is happening in the comic. Every color choice makes that difference, the size of the pen you use is also important. When you think of all of these factors, you truly appreciate how much value is in a comic book.

Action comics

Comics are collectibles because of all the time that was put into them. You can hold onto them for years with the intention of selling at a higher value or not selling them at all. When you introduce collections into any industry or sector, things start to get heated money wise. Limited editions can sell for thousands as demand surpasses the supply. The world’s most expensive comic did not sell for thousands but millions – more precisely, at 3.2 million USD! The comic book named  Action Comics was sold on eBay by an individual named Darren Adams. To a great disbelief, the comic was actually being sold for 10 cents when it was first published in 1938. The starting bid price of the comic was initially 99 cents until it shot up into the millions a few hours later. eBay is known for its manic bidding wars, but this was another level.

The reason why the comic book was so highly prized was because its state was as if it just came out of the factory: the print and condition were beyond perfect; and among the supposed 100 other copies that exists, it was the only one held in mint condition. Based on this fact, who’s ready to buy a ton of comics and store them in air tight seals?